About M.L.M Group of Colleges

Choosing a college is one of the most important decisions you will have to make, and it is one that will affect you for the rest of your life. So, how then do you choose a college? Although all colleges work on the same lines, they vary in age and traditions, in size, subjects offered, situations, and general atmosphere. You will need to take all these into account and we try to help you by giving you a flavor of life in MLMGC in the pages of this prospectus. More details information can be found in the relevant section of our college. MLMGC is stupendously marching ahead on the wings of excellence to achieve rare distraction by the dint of hard work and qualities of head and heart of its team members. We are trying to build up our students as people indomitable spirit full of moral courage, wisdom and human compassion wedded to the cause of promotion of Technical Education. With the gleams of knowledge effulging the minds of generations of human species, MLMGC Institutes have always cherished and enjoyed their smooth and adventurous journey of unraveling the hidden potential in the Images of God. Potentially the area of our work is to channelize and be solicitous to the most dynamic force in the world –the mind of the building power holders of nations I.E., Youth MLMGC is making a strenuous effort with zeal in the institute to stand a way ahead of others in this onerous task. An ISO 9000:2001 Institute MLMGC has converted a rare position as a synonym for excellence with its special attributes. We delve in perfection as a synonym by enabling them to take on the challenges. We deliver in perfection with sure and certain claims of engineering the life of students by enabling them to take on the challenges with a glimpse of enchantments of the utopian magic. On the assiduous conduit of making the life its students and epitome of success, MLMGC, Ajitwal has been setting new precedents for the academic Institutes to follow.