MLMGC is stupendously marching ahead on the wings of excellence to achieve rare distraction by the dint of hard work and qualities of head and heart of its team members. We are trying to build up our students as people indomitable spirit full of moral courage, wisdom and human compassion wedded to the cause of promotion of Technical Education. With the gleams of knowledge effulging the minds of generations of human species, MLMGC Institutes have always cherished and enjoyed their smooth and adventurous journey of unraveling the hidden potential in the Images of God. Potentially the area of our work is to channelize and be solicitous to the most dynamic force in the world –the mind of the building power holders of nations I.E., Youth MLMGC is making a

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Dr. Suresh kumar Bansal

Dr. Suresh kumar Bansal
Madan Lal Memorial Group of Colleges is premier institute in the field of Technical/Industrial/Nursing education with a heritage management , staff and student and responsibility which we discharge with a smile, The development of human recourse is noble profession which had been help in high esteem since times immemorial. Teaching has been considered as the last phase of cycle of life, so it will better if we consider teaching as a learning process which reduce the diff between the teacher and at taught. Learning usually passes through three stages, in the begging we learn the right answer, in the second stage we learn the right question, in the third and final stage we learn which question are worth asking . A process that extend well beyond the present phase it demands creation of the value system and the standards which are the result of the inter action with the environment we live in and the changing universe. Actually real learning starts when we leave the protected environment of the institution and enter the real world to build a relationship which grows as we expand our horizon to community, nation and world . The association grow with both living and non living objects so learning never stop. The Management is totally supportive and leaves no stone unturned to stand for the academic and all round growth of student beyond the curriculum and maintaining the ethical limits. The management takes this prized opportunity to welcome the students from the core of my heart and assure their parents that the college will progress by leaps and bounds in the coming years.

Sh. Vishal Bansal

“Truth is our mother, Justice is our father, Respect for other’s our friend, Clemency our children, Surrounded by such relatives, We have nothing to feat” This world could be no less than heaven. Human life could be no less than the Divine unfortunately, human being have eaten too many fruits of knowledge blinded by greed, hatred, egoism and materialism. May the light of pure love shine in every heart, every house, every state, every nation, Every continentand every corner of the world. “Young Students are the bright future of the Country.”