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OTT Attendant

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OT Attendant course or the operation theatre course provides you with the understanding of the professional skills to become a technician. In an operation theatre, both the doctors as well as the technicians work together. It is the combined effort that provides successful results. Hence, along with the expertise of the doctor, the skills of the technicians also matter a lot. Hence, the hospitals hire qualified technicians for the job so that they can offer the required assistance to the Doctor.

Operation Theatre Course

At OSPMC, we offer two-year Diploma Course of Operation Theatre Course. The course prepares the students with all the skills to handle the challenges inside the operation theatre.

During the two years of the program, the students go on a step-by-step journey of developing knowledge and talents to work as an operation theatre technician. The knowledge about the OT technology, management and techniques and the training help the students to start working immediately after completing the course.

What’s in the diploma course?

During the two-year-long diploma course, you learn about every tiny detail to work as an OT technician. The skills get stronger as you get to practice in a high-tech environment.

More about the OT technician course

The Diploma is also regarded to be a 12th diploma level management program. It prepares the candidates to become eligible to work in the high-pressure working conditions like the OT. They are made to become a competent and highly reliable technologist, besides the other healthcare team members. They are to work under the supervision and guidance of senior technical persons and physicians and deliver patient care. They are expected to have a proper understanding of the usage of different types of diagnostic equipment like C-arms, monitors, Defibrillators, Ventilators as well as perform accurately patient assessment skills.

Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology – Course details, eligibility, duration, fees

Usually, the operating technicians form part of the surgical team comprising physicians, nurses as well as other allied health care professionals. Therefore, the course has been designed in a manner to provide proper and in-depth training to the candidates in aspects such as surgical instruments, surgical procedures, anaesthesia equipment and dosage, ethics and patient monitoring. These courses available to students are in three main formats like Certificate course and Bachelor of Science course. But they can avail Diploma course and research on the details to undergo this branch of course to have a flying career.

  • Bsc MLT Course
  • BSC Optometry Course
  • Diploma in Physiotherapy
  • DMLT Course

Diploma Courses are considered to have been designed to be job oriented, helping the candidates to get jobs immediately on the successful completion of the course. The training also tends to focus on increasing skills and knowledge of the infection control policy monitoring and procedures to be followed by the operating theatre.


The eligibility criterion for enrolling in this course is minimum 10th pass from any recognized board. However, the 10th, 10+2 pass outs and degree holders in BSc, BA and B.Com are also eligible.

There is no restriction regarding age.

The admission process entirely depends upon the college. Merit-based admission is followed by many colleges while others prefer direct admission process.


It is just the perfect course for those students who prefer short duration, instead of those longer versions. When compared to science degree courses, a diploma is found to be much better. It is also called in short as D.OTT and known in other names like Dip. in OT Technician and Dip. in OT Techniques.

Diploma in OT is of two years. This course comprises of practical sessions and classroom lectures.


For fees and other related queries, you can contact the college staff.


The core subjects of the operation theatre course format are the same and include the following:

  • Physiology & Anatomy
  • Surgical instruments
  • Surgical Principles
  • Patient Monitoring
  • Hospital Training
  • Pathology
  • Pharmacology
  • Operation Technology
  • Medical Ethics
  • Surgical Procedure
  • Anaesthesia Technology

Career & job opportunities:

Operation Theatre Technology Courses are said to offer the successful candidates with fabulous career and rewards. This healthcare sector is all set to grow in the near future, and hence, the demand for such professionals will also be on the increase. Qualified and well-trained OT Technicians will be required by emergency care departments, ICUs and operating theatres in hospitals. They are a must have to ensure that the operating theatre functions smoothly and efficiently. Besides the nurses and the physicians, these technicians also share the credit for saving lives of the patients during crucial operations. Clinics, high profile hospitals and emergency care departments also hire such technicians. They can easily apply for private and government sector jobs with subject to conditions as levied by respective state governments.


The starting salary depends upon various factors, like employee skills, grades obtained and aptitude. Salary starts around 10k to 20k Rupees/monthly. For government jobs, the salary is based on Pay scale and band. The pay scale is sure to be much higher in developed countries.

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