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Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) involves the application of technologies in diagnosing and curing diseases. It is also known by different names like Clinical Laboratory Science or Clinical Laboratory Technology or Medical Laboratory Science. In this field of science, all kinds of human fluids, like Blood, Urine, Stool, Sputum, Synovial- fluid, Cerebro-spinal fluid, etc. are put under microscopic examinations, which aid doctors in diagnosing the disease correctly.

MLT Course – Career Opportunities

It is a job-oriented medical field. These days many students are making their career as Medical Laboratory Technicians. A Laboratory technician/ technologist operates all kinds of medical machinery like analysers and prepares a specimen. He gives directions to the technicians to work accordingly.

Almost all top-ranked medical institutions offer medical laboratory technician courses (MLT course). One can pursue a Diploma, UG and PG course.

Top-Ranked Institutions offering MLT course –

  • AIIMS (All India Institute Of Medical Science)
  • The University of Medical Science, GTB Hospital, New Delhi
  • Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh
  • Punjab Technical University, Punjab
  • Kerala Institute of Medical Science, Thiruvananthapuram
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